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Although I intent to postpone bulb planting on a large scale till the next season, it was actually a gift of a box full of flower bulbs from our friend Stefan which changed my mind.

The gift box contained mainly tulip bulbs with appealing pictures on the wrappings to promise the spectator a colorful springtime from February till May.  It is all about careful planning to get the Halloween mix, Rotkappchen, Night Rider and Color Harmony on the right spot but I gave everything.

Where to plant all those clashing colors
Photograph by Frank Fritschy

First I separated all the yellows and oranges and planted them together. The purples and reds and the reds and pinks were planted in the long border. But what to do with the colourful mix of Darwin tulips?

“What to do with the colourful mix of Darwin tulips”

A gift from Hildegard our neighbor came in handy. She gave me an old brass tub which was used in the past for all sorts of housekeeping jobs. I planted the 60 tulip bulbs in two layers. This bulb lasagna, as the Dutch say, is a nice way to plant a lot of bulbs on a confined space. The tub is placed near the front door to protect it from heavy rain and severe frost.


  1. Drainage layer from clay granules
  2. First layer of bulb lasagne
  3. Second (top) layer of bulb lasagne
  4. protection from rain during wintertime

From Doro, I got also a gift. She gave me a beautiful bulb planter which is very handy when you have to take plugs out of the turf. A nice tool made from FSC hardwood and stainless steel and a beautiful object to immortalize on a picture.

After Santa Claus was coming to town I made a walk around the garden. The Birches a planted a month ago stood straight and steady.  In the low position of the sun the twigs are maroon coloured and at the bottom of the thin stems, they are already turning into a nice milky white. A foggy veil is hanging in the meadow and it was getting cold. Time to make some coffee.

Planting birches at the American Garden

A Gardeners guide to Bulbs

Maybe you want planting flower bulbs yourself. There are many books on this topic but not every edition is worth reading. Christine Skelmersdale structured her book by seasons which is more practical than an alphabetical order. The book deals with rarer as well as more commonly grown bulbs. She describes the best varieties and gives planting instructions and after-care.


by John Bryan

For those who want to know everything about bulbs, this heavy 900-page volume from Timber press is the one for you. It is probably the most comprehensive book on bulbs you can find.

John Bryan has the ability to explain difficult horticultural matters understandable for a lay person.