The Antechamber is a small garden room between the Entrance Court, the Long Border and the main terrace. It links the fresh white bloom of the court in spring with the colourful flowers of the main border in summer.

Planned as a herb garden

The Antechamber was intentionally planned as a herb garden for the nearby Kitchen. Therefore you will still find some herbs interwoven with other shrubs and perennials. A real eye-catcher is a huge rosemary at the corner of the house. It survived cold winters due to the sandy soil and its sunny position against the house wall.

“Every position in the garden should make you inquisitive  to explore every corner of it”

The shade provided by the 6 feet (1.80m) high hedge makes it an interesting place to accommodate different plants. Centre staged are nice shrubs like an old Chinese witch hazel (Hamamelis mollis), a Himalayan honeysuckle (Leycesteria formosa) and an Escallonia ‘Iveyi’ as core plants. Additionally, I have been looking for interesting leaf textures. Thus I mixed evergreens with deciduous plant material. A real highlight is the dazzling bloom of the climbing ‘Schneewittchen’ rose in June.

Bundes Gartenschau 

As a ‘Point de Vue’ I placed a concrete bench, a prototype of a bench I designed for the ‘Arnhem Garden’ at the BUGA (biennial Federal horticulture show in Germany) at Gera in 2007 (Arnhem is a sister city of Gera). In this garden, I placed over fifty tiptoes placed red wooden shoes and named the project ‘Klompendans’ (dance of the wooden shoes). The red wooden shoes were a real eye-catcher and were photographed over and over. The bench here a Viller the Garden has the stylized shape of a wooden shoe.

From the Antechamber, you will also have a glance of the American Garden. Every position in the garden should make you inquisitive to explore every corner of it.